Better by Bus

We're about proving to the world that it's better by bus

We’re about proving to the world that it’s better by bus.
It’s something we live and breathe.
It’s what drives us. (Pun intended)
And it’s what you’d expect from a bus company that serves 2.5m people across Coventry and the West Midlands. 
We don’t just take people from A to B.
We take them to work, to school, to the shops, to meet friends, to get together with family.
We are part of the infrastructure of their everyday lives.
That’s why we strive to live up to being better.
It’s why we invest in new, modern buses that are less polluting and quieter with more space and room.
It’s why our drivers are trained to be friendly, courteous and respected on theroad.
And why our passengers can sit back, read, keep up on social media and use our free Wi-Fi, or simply watch the world go by without having to think about parking spaces. 
And that even on the shortest journeys, we go the extra mile. It’s about giving people what they deserve.
And everyone deserves better.
National Express Coventry, Better By Bus.

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There are great reasons people are better off by bus instead of car.

Three down. Five Letters. You know you've got this.

BINGO! With free bus travel after 9.30am with your Concessionary Bus Pass, it's makes getting around the West Midlands even easier. And with your free copy of the Metro newpapaer on board, you can get stuck in to those puzzles. 

Read on. Safe in the knowledge that other commuters are beneath you

Relax and immerse yourself in your favourite book on board. Thriller, comedy, romance it's your time to turn a few pages and enjoy the journey. 

Look at you all caught up on last night's episode. Ride on clever clogs. Ride on. 

Did you know you can catch up on some of your favourite shows and episodes on the bus?  You can download them at home and then watch them later on your mobile or tablet on the bus if you have access to the following players. Click the links below for instructions

Amazon Prime

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Go on. Laugh all you like. Other commuters can't see you up there. 

Press snooze a few more times and enjoy those extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning, there's plently of time to do your make up on the bus.