Broad Lane/Banner Lane Roundabout Construction

Sunday 15th January 2017 until March 2017

Service 10

To allow for a roundabout to be constructed at the junction of Broad Lane the bus terminus and turnaround will be closed and service 10 will operate the following diversion.

Towards Eastern Green  will divert via Hockley Lane and Broad Lane to Farcreoft Avenue where it will start its journey towards the City Centre.

Sutton Avenue and Broad Lane terminus will not be served.

Alternative stopping places are

  • Hockley Lane
  • Farcroft Avenue

Towards City Centre from Farcroft Avenue will operate its normal route

Broad Lane terminus will not be served

Alternative stopping places are

  • Broad Lane (bus stop near to Nova Croft)
  • Farcroft Avenue

Associated Routes