Periodic Diversion - Shore Terrace Bus Way

When concerts are held at Slessor Gardens, the Shore Terrace bus way will be closed. As a result, all relevant bus services will be diverted via Ward Road (in both directions). This diversion will take effect during all future events at this venue - and will commence from 1330 until last bus

Additional information is available from our Travel Centre, or you can message us on Facebook. Our team of inspectors will attend the City Centre for these events - they will be happy to help.

If you're heading into town for an event, let us be the designated driver. With the GroupSaver (five people together for £8), and the new EveningSaver (£3) - we offer great value ... and a chance to beat the hassle of parking!

A full summary of last buses from usual stops and alternative boarding points is outlined below. Any services not included in these tables are not directly affected by diversions. However, please be aware of likely severe delays due to additional traffic converging on the City Centre before and after events.

Temporary stopping points (from 1330)
ServiceTowardsTemporary StopsLast Bus
5 | 9Ninewells HospitalNethergate (stance N1)2256
5 | 10BarnhillNethergate (stance N1)2325
17WhitfieldWard Rd (post office)2305
17Ninewells HospitalWard Rd (the Howff)2300
22CraigowlAlbert Sq (stance A1)2330
22Ninewells HospitalWard Rd (the Howff)2348
23aDryburghCourthouse Square...
23bWoodsideWard Rd (post office)...
28Myrekirk ASDAWard Rd (the Howff)2324
29Ninewells HospitalWard Rd (the Howff)2254
32FintryCommercial St (F1)2314
33WhitfieldCommercial St (F1)2344
51FowlisCourthouse Square...
137 | 138AngusCommercial St (F1)...
Last buses from usual Whitehall & High St stops (pre-1330)
5 | 9/10Barnhill1330Ninewells Hospital1326
17Whitfield1305Ninewells Hospital1313
22Craigowl1330Ninewells Hospital1327
23Kirkton1318St Mary1309
28/29Myrekirk ASDA1329Ninewells Hospital1322
138 | 139Auchterhouse1135Tealing1225