Catch The Bus Week 2017 - Education

This week is Catch the Bus Week – an annual event to put the bus in the spotlight and celebrate its unique importance to everyday life. 

With Dundee being home to a big student population, there is lots of travel demand from people heading to class. We work hard to get them there with time to spare, with fast, frequent services running past every school, college and university campus in the city.

More than half of young people and students depend on buses as their main mode of getting around. Therefore, our service literally opens up opportunities and enables them to study, socialise and become independent young adults who can make their way across town in a straightforward, affordable way.

Why not make the most of paying less? For students, we offer security, simplicity and savings with unlimited weekly travel on the MyXplore smart-card. All our buses all week for just £9.50. No big deal – just a small price! And in January 2016, we became one of the first operators to extend the same fares for children (5-15) and young people (16-18), meaning we've got young people covered with the same discounted fares and travel cards 'til their 19th birthday; a better deal for the next generation of bus users!

This year, we introduced the Class Pass: a scratch-off day ticket which allows up to 30 children and six adults to travel together. Ideal for trips with school and days out with youth groups or nurseries, the Class Pass is available from our Travel Centre for just £50. Alternatively, they can be delivered to you. Great to have and simple to use, simply scratch off the day’s date, present to the driver as you board and enjoy a journey of discovery! The ticket comes in three parts, so smaller groups of up to ten can get out and about.