Christmas Lights Weekend

Christmas Light Night (Friday 24 November)

To accommodate a winter market at Slessor Gardens, the Shore Terrace busway will be closed. Our services will therefore divert to the north side of the City Centre from 3.30pm. Details of last departures from usual stops are listed below. Additional staff will be around the City Centre on the night, and will be happy to advise and guide you to alternative boarding points (also listed below).

Service Arrangements - Shore Terrace
ServiceDestinationLast Departure*Diversion Stop
1aSt Marys...Not affected
1bSt Marys...Not affected
4Dryburgh...Not affected
5 | 9Ninewells1528Ward Road (The Howff)
5 | 10Barnhill1530Ward Road (Post Office)
15Whitfield...Not affected
17Whitfield1505Ward Road (Post Office)
17Ninewells1513Ward Road (The Howff)
18Kirkton...Not affected
22Craigowl1524Albert Square (A1)
22Ninewells1529Ward Road (The Howff)
23Downfield...Not affected
28/29Douglas...Not affected
28Myrekirk1529Ward Road (The Howff)
29Ninewells1522Ward Road (The Howff)
32Fintry1523Commercial Street (F1)
33Whitfield1513Commercial Street (F1)
51Fowlis...Not affected
137 | 139Angus...Not affected
138Auchterhouse1335Ward Road (Post Office)


McManus Galleries Projections (Saturday 25 November)

To accommodate the 'Drawn to Light' video and music event at McManus Galleries, Albert Square will be closed from 6pm until 9pm. Details of diversion arrangements are listed below:

Service Arrangements - Albert Square
ServiceDestinationDiversion Stop
1aSt MarysCommercial Street (stance F3)
1bSt MarysCommercial Street (stance F3)
18KirktonCommercial Street (stance F3)
28/29DouglasHigh Street (stance H1)


Santa Dash Event (Sunday 26 November)

To accommodate Dundee's first Santa Dash event, Albert Square and Commercial Street will be closed from 10am until 12pm. Details of diversion arrangements are listed below:

Service Arrangements - Albert Square & Commercial Street
ServiceDestinationDiversion Stop
1aSt MarysVictoria Road (stance V3)
1bSt MarysVictoria Road (stance V3)
15WhitfieldCommercial St (Waterstones)
17WhitfieldSeagate (M&S)
17NinewellsCommercial St (Waterstones)
18KirktonVictoria Road (stance V3)
22CraigowlSeagate (M&S)
28/29DouglasHigh Street (stance H1)
32FintryCrichton Street (stance C2)
33WhitfieldCrichton Street (stance C2)

Associated Routes

33 32 29 28 22 18 17 15 1b 1a 5 9 10