West Bromwich, Bearwood, Oldbury & Blackheath Consultation

UPDATE: click here for the changes to the below routes from Sunday 23rd April 2017

We are consulting with you on possible changes to bus routes in West Bromwich, Bearwood, Oldbury, Blackheath and surrounding areas. 

Recent changes to where people are travelling and forthcoming major roadworks nearby, which are expected to significantly increase traffic levels on the local road network, mean we have to consider changes to ensure you can rely on your bus service. 

We would like your feedback on our proposals for change – good or bad by Tuesday 14th February. Changes are likely to take place in April 2017. 

Please email your feedback to > services@nationalexpress.com

50A & 50C – West Bromwich to Bearwood 

  • 50A & 50C replaced by changes to 48, 83 & 89 and new service 48A.
  • 48A would serve Salop Road, Bristnall Hall Road and George Road.
  • 83 would cover Crocketts Lane, Price Street and Windmill Lane between Cape Hill and West Bromwich.
  • The 83 would run more often – every 20 minutes
  • 89 changed to run to West Bromwich via Kenrick Park, replacing the 50A & 50C on Brasshouse Lane & Dartmouth Road. This would maintain links from Hales Lane and Londonderry Lane to West Bromwich.
  • Route 82 maintains the link between Bearwood and Cape Hill.

48 – West Bromwich to Northfield

48A – West Bromwich to Bearwood via Salop Road, Bristnall Hall Road and George Road

  • 48 to continue beyond Bearwood to Harborne, Q.E. Hospital, Weoley Castle and Northfield every 30 minutes.
  • New 48A introduced between West Bromwich and Bearwood to cover Salop Road, Bristnall Hall Road and George Road.
  • Frequency of buses between West Bromwich and Bearwood increased to every 15 minutes on 48 & 48A.

80 – Birmingham to West Bromwich

  • Route of the 80 changed in Smethwick to cover Devonshire Road.
  • Frequency between Cape Hill, Shireland Road, Portland Road, City Road, Icknield Port Road and Birmingham City Centre (Markets) increased to every 10 minutes between the 80 and revised 83.
  • Should the 80 operate along St. Paul’s Road between Smethwick High Street and West Bromwich or along Oldbury Road?

83 – Birmingham to West Bromwich

  • Birmingham City Centre terminus changed to Upper Dean Street (Markets).
  • Frequency increased to every 20 minutes.
  • Route changed between Cape Hill and Birmingham to follow the route of the 80 along Shireland Road, Portland Road, City Road and Icknield Port Road.
  • Between Smethwick and West Bromwich, route changed to operate along Smethwick High Street, Oldbury Road and Spon Lane.
  • Kenrick Park served by revised route 89.
  • Should the 83 operate along St. Paul’s Road between Smethwick High Street and West Bromwich or along Oldbury Road?

89 – Birmingham to Blackheath

  • 89 would link people to West Bromwich rather than Oldbury.
  • Route unchanged between Birmingham and Smethwick (Stony Lane).
  • Between Smethwick and West Bromwich buses would run via Brasshouse Lane, Dartmouth Road and Kenrick Park. 
  • Between Oldbury and Blackheath, new route 120A replaces the 89 at a higher 20 minute frequency.
  • 120, 120A and 128 continue to link Oldbury with Tat Bank Road/Rood End Road.
  • 89 provides a direct link from West Bromwich to Birmingham City Hospital on Dudley Road and will also provide a direct link to the new Midland Metropolitan Hospital, which is currently under construction.  
  • Should the 89 continue to operate the double loop at Victoria Park (High Street/Newlands Green) on journeys from Birmingham – or should the route be changed to operate directly onto Bearwood Road, omitting the Victoria Park stop but saving time?

120 – Birmingham to Oldbury and Dudley

120A – Birmingham to Oldbury and Blackheath

  • Route and frequency unchanged between Birmingham and Oldbury.
  • 120 continues to run every 20 minutes between Oldbury and Dudley.
  • New 120A introduced every 20 minutes between Birmingham, Oldbury and Blackheath, replacing the 89 between Oldbury and Blackheath.
  • Faster journey times to Birmingham with more buses and new links to Hagley Road for passengers from Blackheath and Lion Farm.

The map showing the proposed routes is on the back with the main changes is below. 

Please email your feedback to > services@nationalexpress.com