National Express West Midlands fare changes

from 2 January 2014

National Express West Midlands bus and tram fare structure is changing from 2 January 2014.

The new fares, which will see family and student fares frozen, will support further investment into the West Midlands bus network during 2014 as well as reflecting rising business costs.

National Express West Midlands will build on the arrival of over 125 new buses during 2013, with over 300 new buses over the next two years, and support the delivery of innovations such as Smartcards in 2014.

Fare increases have been kept to a minimum and West Midlands’ bus travel continues to offer great value when compared to the cost of driving and parking in the region's cities. Paying by direct debit is the cheapest method of travelling and provides unlimited bus travel for just £1.68 per day.

The changes see an adult single and a Daysaver increase by 10p while weekly Travelcards will increase by 50p a week and monthly travelcards will increase by £1.50 a month.

Peter Coates, Managing Director for National Express West Midlands said “We have kept the increase to a minimum and worked hard to ensure that family fares are frozen together with Term Travelcard prices for Children and Students.  The price rise will allow us to continue our significant investment into the region’s bus network and meet rising business costs.”

New bus fares from 2 January, 2014
West Midlands SinglesCurrent PriceNew Price
Birmingham City Hop£1Frozen
Child Short Hop85p90p
Child Maximum Single£1£1.05
Adult Short Hop£1.70£1.80
Adult Maximum Single£2.00£2.10
West Midlands DaysaverCurrent PriceNew Price
Family Daysaver£8Frozen
Adult Daysaver£3.90£4.00
Child Daysaver£2.70£2.75
Adult West Midlands TravelcardsCurrent PriceNew Price
Regional - 1 week£15.50£16.00
Regional - Direct Debit Monthly£49.50£51.00
Regional - 4 week£55.50£57.00
Adult Black Country TravelcardsCurrent PriceNew Price
1 week£14.00£14.50
Direct Debit Monthly£43.50£45.00
4 week£49.00£50.50
Child TravelcardCurrent PriceNew Price
Child Regional Term Plus£85.00Frozen
Child Regional Monthly Direct Debit£24.00Frozen
Child Regional - 1 week£7.75£8.00
Child Regional - 4 week£27.75£28.50
Student TravelcardsCurrent PriceNew Price
Black Country - 1 term£122.00Frozen
Regional - 1 term£138.00Frozen

New Metro fares from 2 January, 2014
Midland MetroCurrent PriceNew Price
Child Single (Stage 1)£1.05£1.10
Child Single (Stage 2)£1.40£1.45
Child Single (Stage 3)£1.80£1.85
Adult Single (Stage 1)£2.10£2.20
Adult Single (Stage 2)£2.80£2.90
Adult Single (Stage 3)£3.60£3.70
Child Return (Stage 1)£1.70£1.85
Child Return (Stage 2)£2.20£2.35
Child Return (stage 3)£2.75£2.85
Adult Return (Stage 1)£3.40£3.70
Adult Return (Stage 2)£4.40£4.70
Adult Return (Stage 3)£5.50£5.70
Metrocard - 1 week£17.50£18.00
Metrocard Direct Debit monthly£54.50£56.50
Metrocard - 4 week£61.50£63.50

Published 13th December 2013