A great way to get around and save money while you're doing it!

  • Regional Daysavers are valid for unlimited travel for one day on all National Express West Midlands and National Express Coventry buses
  • Coventry Daysavers are valid for unlimited travel for one day on all National Express Coventry buses and National Express West Midlands buses within the Coventry area
  • Buy it on the bus
  • Regional Family Daysaver entitles a maximum of 2 adults and 4 children to travel
  • Not valid on night buses and certain special services
  • Not valid on the Metro

With the introduction of the 24 hour operation on certain services, the information below refers to the end of daytime service

  • National Express Daysaver & NX Travelcards - Are valid untill 0159 hours on the day following the expiry date shown on the ticket or card 
  • On Mondays and Fridays when Centro Concessionary Cards also expire at the end of daytime service, the expiry will also be 0159 hours

Also available, handy packs of 5 Adult Regional Daysaver Scratch-Off tickets for just £20.00 - buy them from NXWM Travel Shops

We have recently introduced the e-Daysaver smartcard, the new way to buy 5, 10 or 15 daysavers on a smartcard. For more information on the new E-Daysaver, click here

Name Price
Coventry Daysaver (Young Person (5-15)) £2.80
Regional Daysaver (Young Person (5-15)) £2.90
Regional Daysaver (Adult) £4.20
Coventry Daysaver (Adult) £3.90
Regional Daysaver (Family) £8.00