Direct Debit Terms & Conditions

Customer obligations

  1. To ensure payment can be taken from the nominated bank account on the due date and that the bank account is in the name of the applicant. Two successive bacs rejections will result in you no longer being eligible for the scheme.
  2. On Line Applications - Failure to supply a passport sized photograph in sufficient time for the order to be fulfilled will result your payment being refunded less a £5 administration fee without further notice.
  3. On Line Applications - Payment for the first ticket on the direct debit scheme takes place by credit/debit card at the time of ordering, this allows us enough time to process your application. This does not guarantee acceptance to the scheme should you subsequently fail the credit checking process or have supplied an incorrect type of bank account for direct debit purposes.
  4. If your ticket has not arrived five days before your current ticket expires, you must inform the Direct Debit Team, contact us. We will issue a replacement ticket. Should you fail to notify WMT Ltd within these timescales we will not refund travel tickets that have been purchased as a result of tickets not arriving due to a delay in the postal service.
  5. To take all reasonable steps to keep your travel ticket safe. Please report any loss or theft of your ticket or photocard ID card to the Direct Debit Team replacements are provided for a fee of £6.00 for each section. Child Direct Debit accounts are entitled to one free replacement per term for subsequent replacements a fee of £5 for each section of your travel ticket will be required. This fee may be subject to revision without prior notice. Refunds will not be given for any additional tickets purchased. Replacements will only be issued at the discretion of WMT Ltd. We reserve the right to refuse to issue replacements.
  6. To ensure that you have your valid ticket with you for every journey, no refund will be made on tickets purchased in the case of lost, stolen or forgotten tickets.
  7. To give at least one month's notice of amendments to bank and building society details and of change of name, address or any change to ticket subscriptions.
  8. To give at least one month's notice in writing of your intention to cease Direct Debit payments or you may be charged an administration fee, currently £5, for bank charges incurred by WMT Ltd.

West Midlands Travel Limited's Obligations

  1. With respect to ticket renewals, provided your monthly Direct Debits are paid on the agreed date, a new ticket will be posted to you at least five days prior to the expiry date shown on your current ticket.
  2. To give at least 10 days written notice of any price changes, except when tax changes require an immediate price change.

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. The scheme has a minimum contract term when joining of 12 months from your initial start date. Should you leave the scheme within 12 months of joining WMT Ltd reserves the right to charge an application fee of £15 to cover our costs if you subsequently decide to rejoin the scheme.
  2. If you leave the Direct Debit Scheme, you may rejoin the scheme one month after your last direct debit payment, providing your account has no outstanding balance and has been conducted in accordance with our policy. Any subsequent application will be subject to the normal new application guidelines.
  3. Tickets available through Direct Debit have a validity of one month; we will not refund whole or partial amounts due to membership cancellations.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse any application or terminate any application should we consider the behaviour of the member to be unacceptable or abusive to staff employed by WMT Ltd.
  5. We reserve the right to terminate direct debit arrangements if the scheme or the tickets are misused in any way, or if direct debit payments are not promptly and regularly paid via the nominated bank or building society account.
  6. Direct debit tickets are not transferable and are issued subject to the current Conditions of Carriage and to the Conditions of the Travelcard Scheme.
  7. We use the services of a Credit Reference Agency to confirm the name, address and credit status of the person paying the direct debit.

Terms & Conditions - relating to Child Term Plus ONLY

  1. You must ensure that all ten monthly payments can be taken from the nominated bank account on the due date (normally the 1st of the month, or next working day).
  2. For those requiring a 16-18 Photocard, you must complete a 16-18 Photocard Application form endorsed by the child's school / college and return it to West Midlands Travel Ltd. This form will be specific to the Child Direct Debit Scheme and will be supplied on receipt of application and subsequently each Academic Year. Failure to complete this form by the deadline advised will result in your child no longer being eligible for child rate travel. We will not be responsible for late applications. The 16-18 Photocard Scheme is governed by rules determined by Transport For West Midlands (TFWM) TFWM will require a newly endorsed 16-18 Photocard application completed by the school / college in the event the application is for a replacement ticket.
  3. All child applicants will be issued with an appropriate photocard (subject to conditions 2. above) by WMT Ltd.
  4. Provided that 10 consecutive Direct Debit payments have been cleared by your bank or building society and that the child is still eligible for child rate tickets, your last two tickets will be issued free of charge. West Midlands Travel Ltd reserves the right to alter these rules without prior notice.
  5. If you leave the Direct Debit Scheme earlier than the ten consecutive payable months or if you are no longer eligible for a child rate ticket, no pro-rata refunds in relation to the 'two months free' will be paid.

Terms & Conditions – relating to Adult Products ONLY

Tickets maybe suspended for a minimum of one full calendar month and up to a maximum of six months provided you give one month's notice. Otherwise your account will be closed and a new application will need to be submitted. WMT Ltd reserves the right to charge an administration fee for this service.