Coventry Network Consultation

The survey has now closed, thank you for taking part. We're now collating all of the information and will share the network changes with you shortly. 

We are looking at making some changes to bus services in Coventry in September 2019.

The current network of bus routes has not changed much since 2012.

Since then, the population of the city has changed and so has demand for bus services. Congestion has also got worse.

We may be able to increase how many buses we operate – which would also mean more jobs in the city.

As with any change to bus routes, some people may lose a direct link or have to alter the time they travel. We will try to minimise the impact of this.

Overall, we are hopeful that most people will either see no change to the bus they catch or an improvement with more punctual and frequent buses.

We have to register changes we plan to make to services with the government’s Traffic Commissioner by the middle of July.

We are therefore asking for feedback on our proposed changes before we finalise our plans.

Published 18th June 2019