Vroom with a view

National Express’ bus commuters in Coventry who are bored of looking out at the Foleshill Road every day can now choose their own view.

Flora Lipo, Head of New at National Express Coventry, said: “Using our new app, passengers can now sit back, relax and project scenic footage onto their window at the touch of a button.

“We asked customers what views they’d like to watch on their journey and we’ve chosen the most popular - a tropical beach, an undulating desert or my own personal favourite - an Alpine meadow.

“During the year, we’ll be introducing some seasonal variations, so at Christmas - time, passengers will be able to enjoy a reindeer ride with Santa through the North Pole.”

National Express also recently launched the UK’s first on-bus infotainment system, offering blockbuster films, TV, news and magazines online completely free of charge. The National Express VUER (View, Unwind, Enjoy, Relax) app is available now on the X1 between Birmingham and Coventry via the airport and the NEC.

Published 1st April 2017