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Stop changes at University Hospital Coventry from Sunday 16th May 2021

From Sunday 16th May 2021, there will be stops changes to buses that depart from at University Hospital Coventry. New departure stops are listed below:


20A to Longford / Coventry


1 to Walsgrave

20C to Longford / Coventry

703 to Longford


60 to Longford

74 to Nuneaton

78 to Nuneaton


3 to Binley / Coventry


1 to Chapelfields

17 to Fenside

17A to Fenside


9 to Green Lane

9A to Green Lane


74 to Coventry

74S to Coventry

85 to Coventry

85A to Coventry

85B to Coventry

85S to Coventry

585 to Coventry

585S to Coventry

X6 to Coventry


60 to University of Warwick

85 to Rugby

85A to Rugby

85B to Rugby

85S to Rugby

585 to Rugby

585S to Rugby

X6 to Leicester

    Published: 10th May 2021

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