mTicket App

You can save even more on a wide range of tickets exclusive to our app customers. Discounts have been applied to day and group tickets and travelcards. 

Download the mTicket app by searching 'nxbus mTicket' or click the links below to take you directly to the app store - 

Group Daysaver £7.00Valid immediately after purchase. Up to 5 people unlimited bus travel. 
Family Daysaver£7.00Valid immediately after purchase. Up to 6 people can travel together, at least 1 but no more than 2 must be adults. 
Evening5 £4Visible on the app from 12pm. Valid from 6pm on the day of purchase. Up to 5 people, unlimited bus travel. 

Daysaver, 1 week and 4 week tickets are also available to buy on the mTicket app. 

Full full details and frequently asked questions about the mTicket app, click here.