About Xplore Dundee

Tayside Public Transport Company Limited (trading as Xplore Dundee) is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Express Group plc.

Xplore Dundee is part of UK Bus Division of National Express Group plc and operates a comprehensive network of high frequency local bus services within the city.

The Company employs some 360 people and owns a fleet of around 130 buses and coaches. In 2005 Xplore Dundee became the first major operator in the country to operate with 100% low floor, easy access buses on local services whilst also being able to boast a fleet fitted 100% with innovative, digital CCTV.

  • Tayside Public Transport Company Limited
  • 44-48 East Dock Street
  • Dundee
  • DD1 3JS
  • Registered No: SC97606
  • National Express Group PLC
  • National Express House
  • Birmingham Coach Station
  • Mill Lane
  • Digbeth
  • Birmingham
  • B5 6DD
  • Registered No: 2590560