Last Buses Cross-City

Night-time Network

The Xplore Dundee network is here to get you where you need to be - even late at night. So, it's always handy to know when the last bus crosses the city. To find your last bus, take a look below, and click on the links for full timetables and service information too.

Summary Times
5/9aBarnhill - Ninewells Hospital22:31
9aOuter Circle (clockwise)21:31
5/10aNinewells Hospital - Barnhill23:10
10aOuter Circle (anti-clockwise)21:40
14*The Stack - Douglas18:15
14*Douglas - The Stack17:44
17Whitfield - Ninewells Hospital22:32
17Ninewells Hospital - Whitfield22:48
22Craigowl - Ninewells Hospital23:27
22Ninewells Hospital - Craigowl23:10
28Douglas - Myrekirk ASDA23:00
28Myrekirk ASDA - Douglas22:52
29Douglas - Ninewells Hospital22:30
29Ninewells Hospital - Douglas22:22
*Service 14 is a peak-time bus only