Last Buses Home

Whether you're working a late-shift, enjoying an evening out or just heading back from visiting a friend - make sure you get home safe and sound. Below is a list of last buses from from Dundee City Centre.

Times correct as of 6 September 2019
ServiceDestinationTimeWhere to Board
1aSt Marys2305Albert Square (A2)
1bSt Marys2235Albert Square (A2)
4Dryburgh1558Whitehall Street (W2)
9aNinewells2256Whitehall Street (W2)
10aBarnhill2325High Street (H2)
17Whitfield2306High Street (H1)
17eNinewells2247Whitehall Street (W1)
18Kirkton2325Albert Square (A3)
22Craigowl2329High Street (H4)
22Ninewells2343Whitehall Street (W2)
23Woodside1800Commercial Street (F2)
28/29Douglas2314Albert Square (A4)
28Myrekirk2324Whitehall Street (W1)
29Ninewells2254Whitehall Street (W1)
32Fintry2314Crichton Street (C2)
33Whitfield2344Crichton Street (C2)
138Auchterhouse1720High Street (H4)
139Tealing1225High Street (H4)