Listening & Adapting: Service Evaluation

The network we run is continually monitored and periodically revised to ensure we provide a service that is effective, efficient and equitable.

Below are a series of changes which will take effect from Sunday 23 June. We are, currently, engaged in the consultation stage with Dundee City Council. Full timetables will be available in our Travel Centre and online soon.


Services 5 | 9/10

Ninewells Hospital - Barnhill

Check out the new 5 | 9/10 timetable

Check out the new 9/10 timetable

Following the revision of the frequency on this corridor from every 7 to every 10 minutes, the distribution of passengers-per-journey has inevitably altered with the new schedule. In order to suitably accommodate this and improve reliability, some journeys in the morning peak period have had their running times enhanced - but the frequency of journeys will remain the same.

Some (weekday) morning journeys of Outer Circle services 9/10 around the city will see minor schedule adjustments associated with changes to service 5.


Services 15/17

Ninewells Hospital - City Centre - Whitfield

Check out the new 15/17 timetable

Following this year's network review, we have been monitoring services and evaluating whether further changes are required to achieve the goal of improving reliability for our passengers. Throughout the process of evaluating services 15a/15c | 17, we have taken account of passenger feedback, service performance and the needs of local communities.

The outcome of this evaluation is the following package of proposals:

1) Reinstate service 17 as a direct through-bus between Ninewells Hospital and Whitfield. Buses will make this journey every half-hour between approximately 8am and 11pm (with journeys up to every 15 mins pre-8am - more than ever before).

2) Run services 15/17 in alternating directions around Whitfield (see map here):

     2a) Service 15 will run anti-clockwise four times per hour, which means travelling via: Lothian Crescent and then Drumgeith Road, Berwick Drive and Longhaugh Road.

     2b) Service 17 will run clockwise every half-hour, which means travelling via: Longhaugh Road and then Berwick Drive, Drumgeith Road and Lothian Crescent.

     2c) Some journeys (in both the morning and afternoon) will divert via Whitfield Loan in order to avoid school-time congestion at the Northeast Campus.

     2d) In the evening (from 7pm), service 17 will run clockwise around Whitfield as far as The Crescent, where it will turn around and return as service 17e via Berwick Drive (like service 15) before extending to Ninewells Hospital.

3) Buses between Whitfield and City Centre will continue to run every 10 mins, with service 17 extending to Ninewells Hospital every half-hour. Service 17 will run in both directions via Dura Street, whilst service 15 will continue to run via Albert Street towards the City Centre.

4) Access to the Technology Park will be maintained all day (every half-hour) by service 17, with new journeys scheduled to run there on Saturdays in addition to weekdays. This will be subjected to close monitoring, to ensure sufficient usage.

Other aspects of the service were assessed, but there will be no further changes. For example, we had considered the viability of restoring service via Peebles Drive. However, given the distribution of housing in the area, we are proposing to maintain the route via Ballumbie Road. Similarly, we considered restoring service via the western side of Summerfield Avenue, but are proposing to maintain the route via the eastern side of Summerfield Avenue on the same basis.

With a massive transformation underway in how Whitfield looks, it was necessary to adapt our service to try to meet the area's evolving needs. To an extent, this was only possible with a period of trial-and-error to find a new way of running buses there. These changes (based on your feedback) will ensure the service remains fit-for-purpose in a community which is very different today to what it was even just a decade ago, let alone when it was first built over 50 years ago.

We will continue to monitor services 15/17 closely, as we do with every route in our network.


Service 360

City Circle

Check out the new 360 timetable

Following an initial trial period (beginning in September 2018), the route and the schedule of this service will be revised for a further, final trial period over the summer months of 2019.

The route will now extend from the West Port along the Hawkhill as far as Hunter Street and back again in order to provide closer access to the Verdant Works. Check out the new map here.

The frequency will remain unchanged at every 20 mins, but the timetable will begin later in the morning, to coincide with the opening times of City Centre attractions.

Associated Routes

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