Service 22 (Ninewells - Craigowl)

Charleston Drive

Three weeks from Monday 6 August

Click here for a map of service diversions. Listed below is a full set of diversion details:

Service 22 & Shuttle Service 22c

  • Towards Ninewells: service 22 will run normal route to Glamis Road, then via Ninewells Avenue, Tom MacDonald Avenue and into Ninewells Hospital
  • Towards Craigowl: service 22 will depart Ninewells Hospital, then via Tom MacDonald Avenue, Ninewells Avenue and normal route from Glamis Road
  • For access to/from Menzieshill, shuttle service 22c will operate a clockwise loop (via Glamis Road, Dickson Avenue, Charleston Drive, Elmwood Road & Glamis Road) every 12 mins (AM from 0830 to 1200; PM from 1340 to 1720)
  • Passengers boarding on Dickson Avenue should do so on the northbound side of the road
  • Regular tickets (such as DaySavers) can be purchased and used on shuttle service 22c
  • A max single fare is available to make transfers between services 22/22c on Glamis Road at/opposite Balgay Cemetery. The driver will punch your ticket to confirm that the transfer has been fulfilled (at no extra cost)

Associated Routes

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