Services 15/17 (Ninewells - City Centre - Whitfield)

Charleston Drive

Three weeks from Monday 6 August

  • The 053006000630 and 0700 weekday journeys from Whitfield (Summerfield Avenue) will run normal route to Charleston Drive, then via: Glamis Road, Ninewells Avenue, Tom MacDonald Avenue and into Ninewells Hospital (please note: these journeys will not extend to the Technology Park)
  • The 063507100741 and 0805 journeys from Ninewells Hospital will run via Tom MacDonald Avenue, Ninewells Avenue, Dickson Avenue and normal route from Charleston Drive
  • All journeys after the times above will run as follows:
    • Towards Menzieshill: normal route to Charleston Drive, then via Dickson Avenue to terminate at The Shand
    • Towards Whitfield: depart the Shand, turn at Glamis Road circle, via Dickson Avenue and normal route from Charleston Drive
  • A max single fare is available to transfer from service 17 to services 5 | 9 | 22 at Whitehall Street for onward travel to Ninewells Hospital. The driver will punch your ticket to confirm that the transfer has been fulfilled (at no extra cost)
  • Passengers travelling to/from the Technology Park should transfer to Outer Circle service 9 at Whitehall Street

Associated Routes

17 15