Service 36c - from 24 January 2021

Summary of Changes

The very first journey of service 36c (departing Whitfield at 0525) will continue to run towards Ninewells Hospital to cater for regular passengers (mostly ancillary staff heading to work). This journey will still omit Pitairlie Road and Kingsway East to run a more direct route via Pitkerro Road.

The return journey of service 36c (departing Ninewells Hospital at 0610) and the subsequent journey of service 36 (departing Claverhouse at 0705) will both be withdrawn due to low demand. The few passengers who would previously use the 36 into town will now have new alternatives: service 18 from Claverhouse and the western side of Mill o' Mains; service 33 from the eastern side of Mill o' Mains; and services 17 | 32 from Mid-Craigie and Linlathen.