2019 Fares Review

We ValYou - Fares Review

A Better Deal for You

At this time of year, it's not just the air outside that is freezing - our multi-journey fares are freezing again too. We realise that folks are still feeling a financial squeeze, and we are committed to offering the best possible value to our frequent and regular passengers.

This marks the second year in a row we have made no change to the prices you pay for multi-journey tickets.

Pay mobile. Stay mobile.

Plus: save money, time and hassle with our mTicket app. There's no need to scramble around for exact change when you can download your pass straight to your phone. Have you given it a go yet? It's free to download and easy to use - so just search 'Xplore Dundee mTicket' in your app store and you'll be on your way.

The Review

To keep things simple, we've timed the fares review to coincide with the 2019 network review. So, here is what will happen from Sunday 13 January:

  • Fares Freeze across the board for all multi-journey tickets
  • mTicket products will continue to be a cheaper, cash-free option than paper tickets
  • Single fares will also be frozen for children & young people
  • Adult single fares will change in-line with inflation, by 5p: the Short Hop will be £1.75; the Max Single will be £2.25
  • Single fares on Angus services will be revised and brought into line with Dundee City services
  • Young people (16-18 years old) will continue to benefit from 1/3 off fares until their 19th birthday, with double discounts now available on our mTicket app
  • Students will still be able to take full advantage of more money off their travel with mTickets on their phone

Fare's Fair

If you travel with us often, there is bound to be a multi-journey ticket that works for you. And if you travel rarely but regularly, then we offer bundles of journeys which are cheaper than stumping up a full cash fare every time. Why not make the most of paying less?

We offer a flexible range of products to suit a variety of travel needs and save you money. Get in touch on Facebook or pop into our Travel Centre for advice so that you never spend more than you need to.

It's no big deal. Just small prices.

And Finally...

You will have noticed a batch of brand-new ticket machines has been rolled out across our fleet. This investment in modern technology will help us strengthen security (because fare-dodging comes at the expense of those who pay their way) and improve timekeeping (because faster boarding means faster buses).

This equipment will also be a lot easier for our drivers to make use of, with their smarter set-ups and modern software. But most exciting of all: these machines pave the way for a countdown to contactless in the near-future. It's the change you've been looking for ... well ... actually, it will mean you won't need change anymore.

Published 13th December 2018