Assistance card available for Dundee buses

Cragie High Deaf Studies Group May 2014

National Express Dundee is making the Thistle Assistance Card available to customers with mobility or communication difficulties.

The card, created by Tayside and Central Scotland Transport Partnership (TACTRAN), is aimed at helping anyone who has difficulty using public transport because of their age, disability or illness.  It enables anyone to tell the driver quickly and simply about any extra help they may need during their journey.  A selection of stickers can be applied to the card to show special requirements - there are also blank stickers where users can fill in their own specific needs, including which stop they wish to reach.

National Express Dundee consulted with local school pupils before making the assistance card widely available, taking advice and ideas from Craigie High School's deaf studies group (pictured) about how to make bus travel easier for those with communication difficulties.

The Thistle Assistance Card is available from National Express Dundee's travel shop in Commercial Street, Dundee, or by contacting Customer Services on 0844 499 0589.

Published 28th May 2014