Bairns On Board

National Express Dundee is giving away a range of brand new badges to help its bus drivers better identify mums-to-be who are travelling on public transport.

The ‘Bairn on Board’ badges are free and available to pick up at the National Express Dundee shop in Commercial Street. They’ll also be available in the standard version, ‘Baby on Board’ for anyone who doesn’t speak Dundonian!

The badges can also be picked up from the ante-natal clinic in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.
Midwifery Team Leader Linda Arnot said, “Bus journeys can be difficult when you are pregnant and it can be tiring and uncomfortable standing for long periods of time. We are happy to help promote this service to our mums-to-be.”

The aim of the badges is to help pregnant women enjoy more comfortable bus journeys. Drivers will be able to quickly recognise customers who need a little more time to sit down. The badges should also resolve that awkward moment when mums-to-be don’t like to ask for a seat, and other passengers don’t know whether to offer. If women display the badges prominently on their clothing or bags, it’s hoped there’ll be better communication and less embarrassment.

National Express Dundee Managing Director Phil Smith says:

“I hope lots of women will pick up – and wear – their Baby on Board or Bairn on Board badges. We want to make it easier and more comfortable for mums-to-be in Dundee to travel on our buses. And this will also ensure our drivers can recognise customers who need additional support.”

Published 10th October 2012