Bus boy’s naming surprise

 National Express Dundee has made a local lad very happy by naming a bus after him.

8 year old Taylor Porteous thought he was visiting the Dock Street depot to see a friend and was surprised and delighted to find his name on the front and side of his favourite vehicle!

His mum, Jamie Crossan, is delighted for him: “He’s ecstatic, it’s made his day – it’s made his year! He’s been saying since he was two that he wants to be a bus driver. He’s going to be especially looking out for this bus now – the one with his name on it.”

The Craigowl Primary pupil is a keen follower of the bus industry, and knows the Dundee timetables inside out. He’s known by all the drivers on his local route, St Marys, who take great pleasure in greeting the youngster. Mum Jamie says he’s absolutely obsessed:  “All his toys are buses – he’s got all the timetables, the route maps in his bedroom – he’s even got an old ticket machine, a conductor’s hat and every single DVD of ‘On the Buses’!”

NX Dundee was glad to support the schoolboy’s passion for buses by putting his name on the vehicle and, as part of the bus-naming event, even gave him the chance to ride through the bus wash on ‘his’ bus.

Phil Smith, Managing Director of National Express Dundee thinks he could have a future employee on his hands:   “It’s great to see Taylor’s enthusiasm for the buses – it was an easy decision to name one of our vehicles after him. I hope he will enjoy travelling on ‘his’ bus - perhaps when he’s older he’ll even get behind the wheel himself!”

Taylor’s delighted to be the only person in Dundee with a bus named in his honour:   “I’m going to tell everyone at school I’ve got my own bus!” And the highlight of his visit? “Getting to sit in the cab – and seeing my favourite bus with my name on it!”

Published 27th September 2012