Bus is the Answer

Choices. Questions. Conundrums. Life is all about them. Some of them are easier to answer than others, and some of them leave you stumped and scratching your head. Whilst we cannot help you out with the meaning of life or any other such profound mysteries, we can help you figure out how to get from A to B.

When it comes to deciding how (or even if) you should make a journey somewhere, lots of factors come into play. And quite rightly so, too, because how you spend your money (and your time) is important. In the modern world especially, nobody wants to waste either of those precious things. So what's the best way to get on your way? The bus is the answer.

Stressed? Relief.

When it comes to personal health, we now know that looking after the mind is just as important as caring for the body. Our modern lifestyles bring with them many triggers that can have an impact on our mental health - but the way we travel need not be one of them.

Keeping active and staying connected are important to our well-being, and evidence suggests that choosing public transport over private cars means happier people living healthier lives.

But those who commute by car - concentrating on the road, doing battle with ever-increasing congestion and having less opportunity to rest - are 13% more likely to feel the effects of constant mental strain. Bus users can sit back and relax - even when traffic is queuing. The only thing to concentrate on is your stop coming up ... and there's no need to worry about finding a place to park!

Budget? Bus it.

We realise that folks are still feeling a financial squeeze, so we're committed to offering the best possible value to our frequent passengers. That's why this marks the second year in a row that we have made no change to the prices you pay for multi-journey tickets.

If you travel with us often, there's bound to be a ticket that works for you. And if you travel rarely but regularly, then we offer bundles of journeys - cheaper than stumping up a full cash fare every time. Ask us for advice so that you never pay more than you need to.

Carmageddon? Come and get on.

Car culture is a big beast to break. We get that. But we have high hopes for a low emission city, because it is quite literally a public health issue. Poor air quality has an impact on the health of our people and our planet - disproportionately affecting the poor, the elderly and the young.

Diesel cars are the single biggest contributor of fumes at the roadside - responsible for more than twice the amount produced by buses. In fact, on a per-passenger basis, buses are actually five times more environmentally friendly than cars.

It is impossible to tackle the air quality crisis if we don't tackle the congestion crisis too. The average car carries just 1.2 passengers whereas a double-deck bus has space to seat 74. That is the potential equivalent of taking 60 cars - and their fumes - off our roads.

Xplore Dundee wants the best possible future for this city - one where traffic moves a little faster and the air is a lot healthier.

Published 31st January 2019