Bus operator gears up for snowy weather

National Express Dundee is preparing for the first big freeze of this winter, as forecasters warn of snowfalls across Tayside towards the end of the week.  

Locals are being reassured they can leave their car behind and opt for the safety of the bus, as harsh conditions sweep over the region. 

With temperatures barely rising above freezing during Saturday and Sunday, staff will be on hand to ensure buses run to their usual schedule. 

During the last major snowfall over 90% of buses ran as usual, ensuring passengers arrived at their destination with little or no disruption. 

The National Express Dundee bus team works closely with the city council during spells of bad weather to ensure main roads are swept and gritted to allow buses to travel safely. 

Passengers are urged to check National Express Dundee's websiteFacebook page or Twitter feed to plan their journey and to get the latest on disruptions, should they occur.

Published 10th December 2014