Bus safety on the agenda at Safe Taysiders

National Express Dundee is putting safety at the top of the agenda for the city’s young people. The bus operator has just finished three weeks of communicating the safe travel message to hundreds of 10 and 11 year olds throughout the city at the annual Safe Taysiders event. 

Co-ordinated by Dundee’s Community Safety Partnership, the event aims to deliver key safety messages to every Primary Seven child in Dundee through a series of interactive workshops and presentations by various organisations. A total of 1,460 pupils attended the event, receiving information on issues such as safe travel, stranger danger, fire safety and the internet.  

Tony Dallison, Head of Service Delivery for National Express Dundee, spoke to the young people about the effects of anti-social behaviour on other passengers and the dangers of acts such as throwing stones at vehicles:

“It’s important for these kids, who are just about to move on to secondary school and travel more independently, to understand the dangers of this sort of anti-social behaviour. We take safety extremely seriously and we’re committed to communicating that effectively to our youngest passengers.  

“Safe Taysiders is an excellent event and National Express Dundee is really proud to have been a part of it this year.”

Published 15th September 2014