Catch the bus to work and pay for your next family holiday!

As Britain braces itself for the next Budget, National Express Dundee reveals that the average city centre car commuter in Dundee could save almost £8000 a year if they used the bus.

National Express Dundee has calculated that its annual direct debit pass, at £39 per month (£468 per year), would save motorists enough money to buy a family of four a luxury holiday to Florida*.

The figures are based on someone driving into the city centre five days a week and parking there. Running costs and standing charges for a car worth £14000 – £17000 with an annual mileage of around 15000 work out at £7956 per year; a 52-week adult bus pass from National Express Dundee costs just £480.

With fuel prices rising by 5.3% in the past year, these figures show that travelling by bus is the most economical way to travel around the city, and means a healthier looking household budget.

Operations Manager Paul Clark says it’s a no-brainer:

“If families in Dundee would consider ditching the second car and buying a bus pass instead, they could save themselves a fortune.

We run a comprehensive network of buses throughout the city, including services every 10 minutes into the town centre on core routes, plus services right up to midnight – not to mention the 5N Night Bus which serves Broughty Ferry and Monifieth. You can travel to work and back home again, or enjoy a drink at the weekend without worrying about who’s driving home.

I think we offer more convenience and value for money than a second car – and who doesn’t want to save a bit of cash which could be saved in the pension pot, used to pay off the mortgage or splash out on a great holiday?”

For more details on National Express Dundee’s tickets and prices visit or visit our Travel Centre in Dundee’s Commercial Street.

Published 20th March 2013