Changes to 10-TripSaver Ticket

As part of our Big Smart Switchover to modernise our service, we'll be making some changes to the adult 10-TripSaver ticket soon:

  • Paper tickets will no longer be issued from Monday 21 September
  • Instead, it will only be issued as a smartcard top-up
  • If you don't already have a smartcard, just pop into our Travel Centre at 92 Commercial Street to register for one, free of charge
  • Not only are smartcards more durable than paper tickets - they are also protected against loss, theft and damage. Just pop into the Travel Centre and you'll never lose out on travel, even if you lose your card
  • Existing paper tickets must be used by 1 November
  • If you have any journeys left over, they can be transferred to a smartcard as long as you visit our Travel Centre before 31 October

Children and young people aged 18 and under may continue to buy and use paper 10-TripSaver tickets until a digital alternative is available.

If you have any questions, contact us on Facebook or call 01382 340006.

Published 9th September 2020