Contactless with Xplore Dundee

The Change You’ve Been Looking For

Bread. Butter. Bus tickets. What do all of these things have in common? They’re daily essentials, and you can pay for them all with just a tap of your bank card. Yes, you read that right: the wait is over …​contactless​ payments are now accepted on all services in the Xplore Dundee network. 

So just beep on the bus and you’ll be on your way! No need to worry about digging out the pennies from the depths of your purse, or nipping to the shop to break a fiver before the bus comes.  

Contactless technology is already everywhere, and now you can use it to go anywhere.     

How Does it Work?  

Just like in the shops, it’s a swift and secure way to pay. It’s really easy too:  

1. Tell the driver which ticket you would like  

2. Place your card on the reader (where you would usually scan a smart-card)  

3. Wait for the beep, take your ticket and then find your seat    

Job done! To make things even simpler: products worth more than £30 are only available on the mTicket app or from our Travel Centre.                                                

This means that every ticket available on-bus is within the standard £30 spending limit of contactless cards.    

To top up a smart-card, the process is slightly different:  

1. Place it on the reader as you usually would and tell the driver which product you would like  

2. Then remove the smart-card and replace it with your bank card  

3. Wait for the beep, then put your smart-card back on the reader  

4. Wait for the second beep, take your receipt and then find your seat    

We accept contactless payments from any Visa card or MasterCard (debit or credit), as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay on your smartphone.    

Of course, cash will still be accepted on-board, as will mTickets and concessionary travel cards. 

Published 6th May 2019