Discovr the ‘smart’ way to travel...

Dundee Discovr Smartcard Launch October 2013

National Express Dundee is the first bus operator in Scotland to launch a smart ticketing system which offers commercial products on the National Entitlement Card, as well as its own smartcard.

Anyone holding an NEC card - and now the brand new Discovr smartcard - can use these instead of paper tickets to travel around Dundee.

Customers can now buy an adult or student weekly ticket on the Discovr card or NEC, with other products expected to follow in the coming months.

The Discovr card is available from the National Express travel shop in Dundee city centre. Once it's registered and loaded with a ticket, either in the shop or on the bus, passengers simply have to place the card on the ticket machine each time they board the bus - no need for a pocketful of change or a crumpled paper ticket!

Managing Director of National Express Dundee Phil Smith said: "We are absolutely delighted to be leading the way in Scotland in implementing a commercial product on the Scottish Government's entitlement card. It's the first step towards a national system of modern, integrated ticketing on public transport and we're proud to be at the forefront of that. This innovation offers customers more flexibility and convenience - no more fiddling with loose change or bits of paper.

"I hope our customers will embrace the idea of smart ticketing and we anticipate moving more products onto this card in the future, as demand grows for this exciting new product."

The smart travel system was successfully trialled at the beginning of the year with students at Dundee College, using their dual Student Matriculation/NEC cards. The response was overwhelmingly in favour of the smart tickets. 90% of the young people who tried them said that they were more likely to go to college, even if they had no money that day and 100% of students wanted to renew their smart travel for the next term.

This partnership, involving Dundee College, Dundee City Council and National Express Dundee is the first step in a major plan by the Scottish Cities Alliance to take smart ticketing nationwide.

Dundee City Council administration leader Councillor Ken Guild said: "Following the success of the pilot with Dundee College students, we are now seeing the first truly commercial partnership work for the Scottish Cities Alliance to bear fruit for the people of Dundee.

"For National Entitlement Card holders, the application process is the same but without the need for an additional card."

The Discovr card is available today from National Express Dundee's Travel Shop in Commercial Street. More details and application forms can be found at the Gardyne Theatre during the run of 'Jackie the Musical' (until 5th October) and information can also be found online at nxdiscovr.co.uk

Photograph above shows Rachel Stanley (Jill) and Lisa Lynch (young Jackie) from Jackie the Musical at the Gardyne Teatre.

Published 3rd October 2013