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Natural Health Service

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Dundee enjoys distinction as the greenest city in Scotland, with more beautiful parkland per head than any other. That means no citizen ever has far to go to enjoy some free time, some great views and lots of fresh air. 

The Green Health Partnership is there to help us make more use of those greenspaces, as exercise is widely known to be beneficial for general wellbeing. It may not be obvious, but our parks really are a 'Natural Health Service'.

Xplore Outdoors

Our parks are perfect for leisurely pleasure all-year round: seeing the beautiful blooms of spring; sunbathing in the warmth of summer; kicking through the leaves of autumn; and strolling through the brisk air of winter. 

Some of our greatest green spaces were gifted to the people by benefactors such as the Cox Brothers and the Baxter family - generous titans of our industrial past.

Ride and Stride

As well as being home to trees, flowers and wildlife,  these verdant vistas also offer some historical treasures - including castles, pavilions and even bridges. Plus, every so often, they host fun-filled family events such as the Easter fun day at Camperdown, or the ParkLives programme of sporting activities across the city.

So, what will you discover on your next wander?

Published 16th April 2019