Local residents welcome new bus service

Xplore Dundee is introducing a new Service 4, which is being welcomed by local people and city councillors.

Following extensive customer consultation, the bus operator is planning a number of changes to its network, effective Sunday 22nd October. 

Managing Director Elsie Turbyne said, “We’ve been listening carefully to what people in this area have been telling us about their transport needs and we’re introducing Service 4 to ensure the area’s elderly residents have more options to travel, during off-peak times, to the shops or to visit friends and family. 

“We will continue to monitor the performance of all our routes as well as feedback from our customers once the new timetables are in place.  I hope people across the city will enjoy an even more reliable and accessible bus service as a result of these changes.”

The new Service 4 will operate from the city centre to Dryburgh every hour between school times and will connect the Logie Estate, Kilberry Street and Dryburgh to amenities in the City Centre, Perth Road and Lochee.

West End councillor Fraser Macpherson said, “The new Service 4 is very welcome as it will bring back a daytime bus service to the Scott Street area.    Many residents in the adjacent Logie sheltered housing area will benefit from this new service as well as residents in Scott Street itself and I am grateful to Xplore Dundee for responding to the requests made by myself and many residents for a bus service for the area.”

Councillor Richard McCready said, “Local people have been calling for a bus service which serves the Logie estate for a number of years.  I have supported local people in making those calls and I am pleased to that Xplore Dundee have listened to these calls.  I hope that the new Service 4 bus is a great success and I urge local people to use it.”

Another key change to the network is the re-routing of Service 1B via Byron Street (instead of Strathmore Avenue), which will provide a daytime service every 20 minutes, with busses running from early morning until late at night.  The amendment to this service has also been aimed at providing more travel options for more elderly residents in the Byron Street area.  Service 1a will maintain service every 20 minutes on Strathmore Avenue for Kings Cross Hospital.

Other changes coming into effect on 22nd October include:

  • A simplified service 23 will be introduced, operating every hour between school times (with some early morning and late afternoon journeys in addition). The route will connect Carmichael Street, Woodside and Downfield to the City Centre, Kirkton ASDA and doctors’ surgeries in Stobswell.
  • Service 5 will be re-routed via Perth Road and Tom MacDonald Avenue (instead of Glamis Road and Dickson Avenue). This is to restore reliability.
  • Services 9a/10a will run through the Technology Park in the evening (as services 9/10 do during the day, instead of Spey Drive and Mallaig Avenue) to provide a simplified and consistent service for commuters.
  • Service 14 will be withdrawn. Despite efforts in previous network reviews to maintain the service, passenger numbers have remained unsustainably low.  Alternative connections will be available with our core high-frequency services.
  • Current off-peak services 23/23a/23b and 27 will be withdrawn, with some elements being replaced by new services 4 and 23 (see above).
  • Service 29 will no longer run a minor detour to the Technology Park after 8pm. Services 9a/10a will provide alternative connections.
  • There will be no major changes to services 15/17, 18, 22, 28 or 32/33.

Timetables and further details will be available online at xploredundee.com or from the Commercial Street Travel Centre during the October holidays.

Published 4th October 2017