National Express Dundee and Dundee College Pilot Smartcard Travel

National Express Dundee and Dundee College pilot smartcard travel

Bus travel in Dundee is getting ready to take a step forward, with the launch by National Express of smartcard travel.

A small number of students from Dundee College are set to test out an innovative electronic ticketing system using their National Entitlement Cards to buy Student Weekly tickets.

Special activation posts have been set up on campus, which will allow young people to ‘load up’ their student card with the weekly ticket, which then will simply be swiped on the ticket machine upon boarding the bus.

It’s hoped students using the smartcard system will find it a simple, seamless and cash-free way to travel across the city, with the additional bonus of getting two free weeks of travel during the Easter holidays.

Once the process has been trialled, the technology will be gradually rolled out to the wider public, culminating in the launch of the Discovr card – a credit-card style smartcard which can be used to purchase a variety of travel products.

Published 12th February 2013