National Walking Month


It's time to get out and get active! May is National Walking Month - a campaign designed to show people the benefits of fitting in more day-to-day exercise.

Often, when we hear the word 'exercise', we think of red-faced running on a treadmill or gut-busting sit-ups. But the body can benefit from a lot more than just those obvious workouts. To stay health, the NHS recommends 150 of moderate exercise per week (or, just under 25 minutes per day) - and even the simple act of walking a little bit more can go a long way towards that goal.

Five Fast Facts

So, where does bus travel come into it? Well, there is lots of evidence to show that public transport users are generally a healthier bunch than those who travel by car. Compared to motorists, research shows that bus passengers are:

  • Three times more likely to achieve 10,000 steps per day
  • 44% less likely to be overweight (and weigh an average 2.5kg less)
  • 27% less likely to have high blood pressure
  • 13% less likely to feel regular stress or strain (because someone else is doing the driving)
  • Able to fall asleep 50% faster and rest up to one hour longer

Stride and Ride

Walking is a great way to get the heart pumping and stretch the muscles; it's a perfect whole-body workout, because it involves the legs, bum and tum. A brisk wander is good for the mind, too, as the boosted circulation of blood and oxygen keeps the brain alert and even reduces the risk of dementia. 

On top of that, spending more time out in the fresh air and Dundee sunshine increases intake of vitamin D, which is good for both the health of your bones and the strength of your immune system.

Riding the bus is a healthier option than driving a car because, of course, walking to the end of your street is more exercise than simply stepping out onto the driveway. The physical side of travelling with us is more than enough to help you beat that NHS target: walking to the stop before you board the bus, followed by walking to your destination when you get off - and then repeating in reverse as you head home - is about as easy and effortless as regular exercise can get!

More than 95% of Dundonians live within 400m (or, roughly, a five minute walk) of their nearest bus stop. Plus, our local geography surrounding the Law means that in Dundee, if you're not walking up a hill, then you must be walking down one - so what's to stop you getting out there and getting active? There's also a new Green Bus Map showing how you can use the bus to make the most of our city's great green spaces.

Want to get fitter and feel better? Step up your commute with a calorie-burning combination of stride-and-ride!

Published 30th April 2019