No Big Deal ... Just Small Prices

Our commitment to your value

At Xplore Dundee, we offer a wide variety of great value tickets to suit our passengers' travel needs. For the New Year, we announced a fares freeze on multi-journey tickets (with a price cut for Day Savers too) - that means real-terms savings for those who travel with us most often. We feel that's important, particularly as every family is feeling a financial squeeze at the moment.

Our range of 'Saver' tickets and travel cards make accessing our fast, frequent network easy and affordable. If you're heading out for dinner or a show, leave the car at home and let us be your designated driver with the £3 Evening Saver. If you're out with friends or family, travel together all day for as little as £1.60 each with the Group Saver. And if you travel irregularly, buy ten journeys in advance for a lower costthan cash single fares.

Cut the cost of your commute with our monthly direct debit scheme: unlimited travel for just £1.45 per day (that's less than an hour's car parking)! And why not let us take care of the school run too? The kids' scheme works out at 87p per day (which is less than a bottle of juice at lunchtime)! Click here or pop into our Travel Centre for more details. There's bound to be a ticket on offer to help you save.


Pay mobile, stay mobile

On Monday 29 January, we look forward to launching a brand-new M-Ticketing app. You can benefit from extra savings, simplicity and security by getting your pass straight to your phone. It's easy to do: simply set up the app, top up your pass and turn up wherever you want to go. M-Ticketing will be cheaper than standard paper tickets, too, so make sure you keep an eye out for more info soon...


A 'fare' deal for young people

One group of Dundonians who depend on local bus services is students and the young - and we've got them covered! That's why we extended discounted fares to include young people (16-18) as well as children (5-15): so they can make the most of paying less, with up to a third off til their 19th birthday. Plus, those at college and university can study and save by purchasing Weekly Savers or Ten Journeys for less than the standard price.


Trip and collect

Do your shopping on line nowadays? We get it: the economy is changing around us, and it's so easy online. But the average delivery charge is around £4. If your browsing lots of shops, that soon adds up - yet store delivery is often free! So, how about a double saving? We've slashed the price of our Day Saver to £3.70 (or just £3.50 on M-Ticketing) so you can pop into town and pick up your items - trip and collect!


Go on ... discover your city

Compared to other cities in Scotland, and similarly sized towns across the UK, bus fares for multi-journey tickets in Dundee are competitive with (or lower than) those charged elsewhere. But it's no big deal ... just small prices.

Published 8th January 2018