Oktoberfest 2019

Head down to Slessor Gardens

How does someone enjoy Oktoberfest responsibly? He (or she) leaves the car at home and hops on their local bus!

Oktoberfest is back and it's bigger & better than ever. It's not just traditional sausages and tankards of beer on the menu - there's wine and a whole load of other barbecued delicacies to enjoy. With more bands, a wider choice of food & drink and a larger site down at Slessor Gardens, you won't want to miss this year's Bavarian-inspired extravaganza.

Getting On Board

We have a whole stock of tickets to suit your needs:

  • There's the traditional DaySaver (£3.50 on the app, or £3.70 on-bus) which is good for all our buses all day.
  • Or, if you're getting there a little later on, the EveningSaver (£2.80 mTicket; £3 on-bus) is available and valid from 6pm until last bus.
  • If you're heading along with friends or family, you and up to four others can travel together with the GroupSaver (£6 mTicket; £8 on-bus). Remember: A GroupSaver all day is cheaper than a taxi one way!
  • And don't forget that you can get all these tickets and more with contactless - which means just a beep of your card to get on the bus!

Last Buses Home

If you're draughting us in as your designated driver, check out the list of last buses home at the end of the night below:

Times from Town
ServiceDestinationTimeWhere to Board
1aSt Marys2305Albert Square (A2)
1bSt Marys2235Albert Square (A2)
9aNinewells2256Whitehall Street (W2)
10aBarnhill2325High Street (H2)
17Whitfield2306High Street (H1)
17eNinewells2247Whitehall Street (W1)
18Kirkton2325Albert Square (A3)
22Craigowl2329High Street (H4)
22Ninewells2343Whitehall Street (W2)
28/29Douglas2314Albert Square (A4)
28Myrekirk2324Whitehall Street (W1)
29Ninewells2254Whitehall Street (W1)
32Fintry2314Crichton Street (C2)
33Whitfield2344Crichton Street (C2)

We are here to get you there - so head on down and join in the fun!

Oktoberfest will be held at Slessor Gardens on Thursday 26, Friday 27 & Saturday 28 September. For times, tickets and other info, visit dundeebox.co.uk

Published 4th September 2019