The "Fourth Emergency Service"

Public Express Appreciation for Xplore Dundee Staff

Our Managing Director, Elsie Turbyne, would like to thank passengers for their patience, and staff for their hard work, during last week's blast of cold weather and snow. 

She said: "I am very proud of our team. The conditions have been incredibly challenging, but we have managed to maintain a good level of service across the city. This has allowed people to get to work, access hospitals and visit friends & family. Crucially, it has helped them get home again too.

"Everyone has played a part in this big team effort. I especially want to thank: our drivers who have been out there on the roads battling against the elements; our engineers for keeping up their high standards of vehicle maintenance; and our commercial team for keeping up a constant flow of information. Working together, they have kept minimised disruption and kept the city moving.

"We've received encouraging messages of thanks from our passengers - including one describing us as the 'fourth emergency service' which have been shared with the whole to the team. We don't do it for the praise, but it is gratifying to know that our employees' dedication to providing a safe, dependable service is appreciated by fellow Dundonians. Your compliments have provided great encouragement to the drivers and engineers out there on the front line of our operations."

A big thanks to everyone for a big team effort!

Published 5th March 2018