We Heart Discovr Card!

National Express Dundee’s smartcard seems to be capturing the hearts of local people, as almost 150,000 smart tickets have been bought in the past year. 

Thousands of customers are now using the new technology to buy their Adult or Student Weekly tickets. Students of Dundee’s universities and Dundee and Angus College are also ‘feeling the love’ for smart ticketing, as they can use the Discovr card or pre-load the tickets onto their NEC/Matric card - almost 20 000 smart Student Weeklies have been bought since the start of this academic year alone.  

National Express Dundee is the first in Scotland to operate a smart ticketing system which offers commercial products on the national Entitlement Card, as well as its own smartcard, Discovr. 

The technology was successfully piloted in a partnership with Dundee and Angus College in February 2013, when students were able to pre-load their NEC card with bus tickets for a whole term, allowing them 24/7 travel between home and classes and across the city. The project proved popular with participants, who reported the smartcards made it much easier to attend college, even when they had no cash. 

Since then, the Discovr card has been launched with the Adult Weekly and Student Weekly tickets available to pre-load onto the card, and more ticket options to follow in the next few weeks. The smartcard eliminates the need for paper tickets and is more secure, as a lost card can be cancelled and re-issued.  The Discovr or NEC card is simply swiped upon entering the bus, and can also be topped up on board by the driver. 

Managing Director of National Express Dundee Elsie Turbyne said:

“We love our smartcards and I’m glad to see that customers love them too. The uptake of the Discovr card proves that there’s a demand for this kind of product and I’m proud that we are one of the few bus operators in Scotland to offer it – and the only one to provide commercial tickets on the NEC card. 

“We will continue to develop this technology and look forward to unveiling more products in the coming weeks, which I hope will encourage even more of our customers to discover the Discovr!”

You can register for a Discovr card at the National Express Travel Shop in Dundee’s Commercial Street, or visit www.nxbus.co.uk/dundee for more details.

Published 13th February 2015