Xplore Dundee: Carry the Correct ID

  • 16-18s must now show YoungScot Card
  • Students reminded to carry their matric card

Xplore Dundee is reminding students and teenage travellers to carry the correct ID when boarding its buses.

From 1st April 2018, young people (aged 16-18) must show a YoungScot card with their bus ticket.

Xplore Dundee was previously able to accept any form of photographic ID from young customers, however new procedures introduced by Transport Scotland mean that only the YoungScot card is valid for travel. 

YoungScot is a nationally accredited proof-of-age scheme which is freely available to all young people in Scotland.  Anyone who needs to apply for this card can pick up an application form at our Travel Centre or visit the YoungScot website (www.young.scot/the-young-scot-card).

Students are reminded they must show a valid college or university matriculation card, with the expiry date clearly displayed.

In order to make mTickets available to students and young people, these passengers will, from 1st April, be required to show the correct identification upon boarding the bus, even if they’ve already bought their ticket.  The operator has previously only asked for ID at the point of purchase, in order to ensure the correct fare has been paid. 

In January 2016, Xplore Dundee extended discounted travel to cover young people until their 19th birthday; the bus operator is the only Scottish city operator to offer child and young person fares all the way up to the age of 18.

Published 12th March 2018