Xplore Dundee fares changes 2017

Effective from Monday 2 January, our fares will be changing. This comes after an annual review of both our operating costs and revenue. In an economic climate which continues to challenge all aspects of life, three issues in particular have affected the way we operate our network:

• Car ownership has significantly increased

• The popularity of online shopping has increased

• The volume of traffic on our roads has increased, causing congestion

The delays associated with congestion – especially at peak times – require us to dedicate more resources to maintain frequent services on our core routes, resulting in extra costs to cover vehicles, drivers and fuel. More than half of our costs are committed to staff wages, which increase in line with the cost of living, as we are an employer that is proud to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.

Despite many of the challenges we face, we offer good-value travel to our passengers:

• There is a variety of ticketing options to suit your travel needs, alongside a comprehensive, frequent network to get you around Dundee 

• We have frozen the prices of weekly Discovr cards for adults and students, plus weekly passes for children and young people

• If you still buy paper weekly tickets, you could benefit from saving 80p per week by switching over to the MyXplore smart card

• Monthly direct debits are the cheapest way to travel, working out at £10.20 per week 

• And we are the only operator in Scotland to give young people a better deal by offering our fares at discounted children’s rates all the way through to their 19th birthday

Cash single (Short Hop)£1.50£1.60
Cash Single (Max Single)£2£2.10
Group Daysaver£7£8
Weekly Saver (smart)£13frozen
Weekly Saver (standard)£13.50£13.80
4 week Travelcard£49£50
52 week Travelcard£500frozen
Monthly Direct Debit£43£44
Flexi Fare (10 journeys)£17£18
Myrekirk Asda Return£3frozen
Broughty Ferry Return£2.75£3.20
ABC Day£4.40frozen
ABC Week£14.50frozen
Student Saver (smart)£9.50frozen
Student Saver (standard)£10frozen
Child (children 5-15) & (young persons 16-18)
Cash single (Short Hop)£1£1.05
Cash Single (Max Single)£1.30£1.40
Weekly Saver (standard)£8.50frozen
4 week Travelcard£29.50£30
Monthly Direct Debit£26£26.50
Flexi Fare (10 journeys)£10£13
ABC Day£2.90frozen
ABC Week£9.50frozen

Published 13th December 2016