Xplore Dundee- One Year On

Dundee’s main bus company is celebrating the first anniversary of becoming Xplore Dundee.  Since the operator changed its name and image from National Express Dundee to Xplore Dundee a year ago (11th September), there has been a series of changes and improvements, including:

  • Around 50% of the fleet repainted in the new green livery
  • New uniforms for drivers and support staff
  • Route branding rolling out to key services

Elsie Turbyne, Managing Director of Xplore Dundee said:  “One year on from our rebrand and we are still absolutely delighted with the company’s fresh new look.  The changes are still underway – it can’t all happen overnight – but we now have more green buses, a new-look uniform and everybody on the street now recognises that Xplore Dundee is their city’s main bus company.

“We’re striving to deliver a bus network which provides safe, frequent, great value travel for people in Dundee and we will continue to evolve and develop according to the transport needs of our customers across the city.”

Formerly known as National Express Dundee, the company made the switch on 11th September 2015 with a full business rebrand, which has seen its buses gradually go green.   The vehicles aren’t the only ones with a smart new look – a new uniform roll out means drivers and shop staff are also now sporting the green ties and scarves bearing the Xplore Dundee logo with crisp white shirts. 

One year on from the project’s launch and around half of the fleet has already been repainted in the new dark green livery, with route branding now added to Services 32/33.  This means the buses on these routes have a distinctive orange vinyl at the top and front of the vehicle, to distinguish it from other services.  There’s more to follow - Service 22 will soon bear yellow flashes to distinguish it from other routes, while Services 28/29 will shortly be identifiable by their light blue colours. 

Repainting the whole fleet takes time, to ensure that temporarily removing buses from the fleet won’t interfere with regular service delivery, however it’s hoped all Xplore Dundee buses will bear the green livery by this time next year.   

The operator’s timetables were also rebranded a year ago, and redesigned to make them clearer and easier to use.  All routes now have a full-colour brochure including bus times, a route map and other essential travel information.

It’s all change too for the young people who helped design the bus operator’s new image.  Ryan McGinnis, Georgia Gray, Lisa Cavell and Gillian Annandale have moved on from Dundee and Angus College and are now all studying for a BA in Computer Arts at Abertay University.  The team impressed managers of the bus company when they were challenged to come up with a new look for their vehicles and they played a crucial role in shaping the way Xplore Dundee now looks.  Four of the operator’s new Streetlite vehicles were recently named after the students, who are delighted to see their very own buses on the streets.

Published 8th September 2016