Xplore Dundee – the ‘fourth emergency service’

Xplore Dundee’s Managing Director is saying thank you to passengers and employees for their patience and hard work during the past few days of extreme weather.

Elsie Turbyne said “I am very proud of our team at Xplore Dundee.  The conditions have been incredibly challenging but we have managed to maintain a good level of service to large areas of the city, allowing people to get to work, hospital, friends and family and, crucially, to get back home again.

“Everyone has played a part in this, but I do especially want to thank the drivers and engineers who are out there on the roads, dealing with heavy snow showers and variable road conditions.

“We’ve received messages of thanks and commendation from our customers and colleagues and these have also been greatly appreciated.  We don’t do it for the praise but it is gratifying to know that our employees’ dedication to providing a safe and reliable service is appreciated by the people of the city.”

Positive comments shared on social media have provided encouragement to drivers and engineers on the frontline of operations.

Comments include:

Please pass on my congratulations to everyone at Xplore for such sterling work. Dundee has shown the whole country how to cope - they could learn a thing or two from you.

Massive thanks to all Xplore Dundee drivers - the fourth emergency service.

Well done to all drivers for the dedicated service they have continued to provide even after most of Dundee came to a standstill. You ladies and gents never get enough recognition from the public for the work you do.

Big shout out to the mechanics. My bus broke down, and they sent out a replacement with mechanics within 20 minutes.

The weather continues to be an issue in Dundee, with yellow warnings of snow and ice still in place for the region.  Xplore Dundee’s managers and operations team will continue to monitor the road conditions and update customers on any changes to the network via the Xplore Dundee website and social media channels.

Published 6th March 2018