mTicket App - Your Pass on Your Phone

Pay mobile. Stay mobile.

What are the benefits of travelling with mTickets?

  • Save time, money and hassle with a cashless, seamless transaction
  • Faster boarding means faster buses
  • No more looking for change or worrying about paper passes

Summer of Savings

We know costs quickly add up - especially over the summer holidays. So, as well as promoting a wide range of affordable activities & exciting events that you can reach by bus, we're going to make getting there cheaper too! Look out for special offers when our new app officially launches on Monday 2 July.

  • GroupSaver cut to just £5 - up to five people together for just a fiver!
  • mTickets introduced for children, young people & students - the mobile generation
  • Child/Young Person DaySaver cut to £2.50
  • Brand new Student DaySaver - just £3

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Please note: In order to verify their eligibility, young people (16-18) and students must present a valid form of ID. Young people must present their Young Scot card, and students must present their matriculation card (with photograph & expiry date clearly displayed). These details are included in ticket regulations on the app. Failure to present ID may result in being unable to travel.