mTickets with Xplore Dundee

Pay mobile. Stay mobile.

What are the benefits of travelling with mTickets?

  • Save time, money and hassle with a cashless, seamless transaction
  • Faster boarding means faster buses
  • No more looking for change or worrying about paper passes

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Study & Save

Students and young people can make the most of paying less, with new products available to help make bus travel easier and smart than ever. DaySavers, WeeklySavers and 10 Journey Bundles are available, meaning there's an option to suit every need. Students just need to show their matriculation card, and young people need their Young Scot card, to benefit from discounted travel.

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Please note: In order to verify their eligibility, young people (16-18) and students must present a valid form of ID. Young people must present their Young Scot card, and students must present their matriculation card (with photograph & expiry date clearly displayed). These details are included in ticket regulations on the app. Failure to present ID may result in being unable to travel.