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Full network coverage on your smartphone. Literally.

Pay mobile. Stay mobile. That is our motto when it comes to using the bus in Dundee, because it is easier than ever with our smartphone app.

mTickets are more secure and more convenient than old-fashioned paper tickets - and they are cheaper too. Click here to find out which ticketing options are available in your category. There is bound to be one which works for you.

Just search 'Xplore' in your app store.


How does it work?

  1. Choose an mTicket which works for you* and pay easily online
  2. Just before the bus arrives, have your mTicket ready for use
  3. When you board the bus, hold your device under the scanner on the ticket machine (make sure the QR code is facing up)
  4. Wait for the beep and then go find a seat

*Students and Young Scots must upload ID to their account to verify eligibility for discounted mTickets.


Getting from A to B is as easy as 1, 2, 3

When our new app launches in the New Year - not only can you pay for your journey in advance, you can plan it better too...

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