A ‘Fare’ Deal for Young People  

We believe in a better deal for young Dundonians. That’s why we’ve got them covered with​⅓ off fares ‘til their 19th birthday.​ There’s a flexible range of products to suit a variety of travel needs and save youngsters (and/or parents!) money.

Plus, don’t forget: ​contactless payments are accepted on all our buses, and there are double discounts with mTickets, meaning you’ll never need to worry about carrying the exact fare ever again.

Get ID-Ready

Children are defined as 5-15 years old, and Young Scots are 16-18 years old. Young Scots need ID to verify eligibility for discounted fares. ​To keep things simple, we only ask for forms of ID that are freely available: that means the Young Scot card for 16-18 year olds. If you don’t have one, just visit young.scot to apply.

ID is no longer just requested at the point of purchasing tickets; it is now needed for ALL journeys. That way, whether you're travelling with a paper pass or an mTicket, there will be no doubt that you're entitled to use it.  

Single Journeys & Bundles

Single fares on-bus are like a pay-as-you-go option if you don’t travel often. The price of a single journey is calculated based on the distance you are travelling: Short Hops are valid for up to one fare stage and Max Singles are valid for two fare stages or more. Using a trip from a 10-TripSaver is not restricted by distance - they are valid for any journey, anywhere, as long as you’re on one bus. 

Single Journeys

Pay-as-you-go on the bus.

Short Hop


Max Single



Buy now, travel later - and save up tp 50p per journey.

Paper Ticket


Buy on the bus or from the Travel Centre.

Max Single


mTicket or smartcard top-up.

When paying with cash, there is an exact fare policy on-bus, meaning our drivers cannot give change. This is both for security reasons and to speed up boarding. Cashless options are available with contactless and mTickets, and change can be given for purchases made at the Travel Centre. Special-rate single fares are charged on services 57a/59 | 73b | 137/138 | 139, as we operate them under Council contracts.  


Child & Young Scot DaySaver

All our buses, all day. Valid on the day of purchase.

Paper Ticket


Buy on the bus or from the Travel Centre.

Digital Ticket


mTicket or smartcard top up.

*Please note: To comply with regulations set out by the Scottish Government, young people (16-18) must produce their Young Scot card in order to purchase a DaySaver on-bus. It needs to placed on the ticket machine reader and authenticated before a ticket can be issued.


Child & Young Scot WeeklySaver

Everywhere, every day. Seven days unlimited travel.

Paper Ticket


Buy on the bus or from the Travel Centre.

Digital Ticket


mTicket or smartcard top-up.


Everywhere, every day. 4 weeks unlimited travel.

Upgrade to a Monthly Subscription 


Best value savings with unlimited travel for a full month when you set up a direct debit.
Sign up online here or pick up a from from the Travel Centre.

Paper Ticket


Buy from the Travel Centre.

Digital Ticket


mTicket or smartcard top-up.


ABC is a multi-operator product which gives you access to all bus companies in Dundee and the surrounding areas with just one ticket. There is no limit on usage; you can travel on as many buses as you like for as long as your pass is valid. It is only available as a smart-card top-up. Sign up for a MyXplore smart-card at the Travel Centre and you can top-up your ABC pass on any bus in Dundee.

To ensure compliance with other operators’ policies, there is no Young Scot price for ABC; 16-18 year olds must buy an adult ticket instead.

Chil ABC smart-ticket

Get access to all Bus companies in Dundee and surrounding areas.



Top-up on your smartcard.



Top-up on your smartcard.


Do I need ID?

Yes. If you are a young person (aged 16-18) you are required to present your Young Scot card as proof-of-age ID. If you are a child (aged 15 or under), but may be mistaken for looking older, it is recommended that you carry it just in case. 

I have a Young Scot card. Does this entitle me to discounted travel?

Not necessarily. Young Scot cards are usable for various other purposes until the card-holder turns 25. But it is only recognised as eligibility for discounted bus travel until the card-holder turns 19. U19 Smart-card products can only be added to a Young Scot card, and can only be added to those held by people aged 19 and under. Outwith these parameters, it will not top-up. 

Are all tickets available to buy on-bus?

Almost. Your driver can issue all multi-journey tickets as a smart-card product ([find out more about MyXplore here]), and most are available as paper tickets too. Monthly direct debits must be applied for separately, either [online] or by picking up a form from our Travel Centre. Date-stamped TravelCards are also available from our Travel Centre. 

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Advance products are available from our Travel Centre, but tickets bought on-bus take effect from the date of purchase. If you purchase mTickets in-bulk on our app, the first one will take effect from the date of purchase and the rest will be stored in your Ticket Wallet; single journeys also remain in your Ticket Wallet for up to 90 days until activation. 

My ticket has expired. What should I do?

mTickets, smart-cards and paper tickets (with QR codes) automatically expire, meaning they will not be recognised as valid for travel. Under no circumstances should you attempt to board a bus with an out-of-date paper ticket. If you do, it will be withdrawn by the driver for fraudulent use. If your ticket is out of date, pay a single fare and renew your pass when you can. 

What happens at Christmas & New Year?

As we do not operate any buses on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, we provide an additional day’s worth of travel to passengers with multi-day tickets - provided the period of validity includes either/both of those dates. This can be claimed free of charge at our Travel Centre. The only exception applies to ABC tickets; to ensure consistency with the policy of other participating operators, an additional day is not offered. 

Who can use my ticket?

Only you. No matter what format (whether paper, smart-card or mTicket) tickets are non-transferrable and cannot be used by other family members or friends. Any breach of this rule may result in the your ticket being withdrawn and you may be liable to a penalty fare of £25. 

Can I use my pass anywhere else?

Our tickets are only valid for use on services operated by Xplore Dundee. The exception to this is the ABC multi-operator product, which can be used on all bus companies in Dundee and the surrounding areas. [Check out this map] to see where the ABC zone boundaries lie. 

Please note: multi-journey fares are only valid on services 57a/59 (weekend evening journeys operated by Xplore Dundee) as far as the last stop in Muirhead. The EveningSaver, however, is valid for the full routes to Blairgowrie and Perth. 


Monthly Subscription FAQs

How do I apply for a direct debit?

Click the links included in the relevant section above, or visit our Travel Centre for an application form. 

What is the next step once I have applied?

You will be given the opportunity to pay for your first ticket by credit / debit card so you benefit from our services within 5 days of receiving your application. 

Your direct debit application will take approximately 10-15 days to process. You will receive a welcome letter confirming your details and payments timescales. Your next ticket will arrive 5 working days before the expiry of the first ticket and payment will be collected from the bank account details supplied. 

Is my application accepted automatically?

A Credit Reference Agency will be asked to confirm the name, address and credit status of the person paying the Direct Debit. 

When will the money be taken from my account? The first direct debit payment from your account will be taken on the initial start day of your ticket, for instance if you selected a start date of 1st August 2013 (you will pay for this ticket by credit / debit card) your direct debit will be collected on 1st September 2013 for the subsequent ticket. This calendar date will then be the date your debit payment is made for every month that you are a member of the scheme. If this falls on a bank holiday, your payment will be taken the next working day. 

Can Xplore Dundee change the amount they take out of my account?

We will only collect the authorised amount. If the amount changes, we will notify you in writing at least 10 working days in advance. 

What if my ticket does not arrive?

If your ticket has not arrived 5 days before your current ticket expires, please contact the Direct Debit Team on 0121 254 6322 or email us at buspass@nationalexpress.com. Xplore Dundee will not refund travel tickets that have been purchased as a result of tickets not arriving due to a delay in the postal service. 

I already have a photocard. Do I need to send in a photograph with my application?

Yes. All photographs are scanned into our system, so that if you ever lose your ID card we can send out a replacement, subject to an administration fee. You will need to either upload or send a passport sized photograph with every new application. 

Can I change my ticket subscription?

Yes. One month's notice is required to make any changes to your ticket. 

What if I lose my ticket or it is stolen?

You can contact the Direct Debit team on 0121 254 6322 and order a replacement ticket and / or photocard. A replacement fee of £6 for each section will be required for payment by credit / debit card. 

Refunds will not be given for any additional tickets purchased. 

What if I forget my ticket?

It is your responsibility to have a valid ticket with you for any journey you make. Unfortunately refunds will not be given for any tickets purchased under these circumstances. 

Can I cancel my direct debit?

Yes. You must give at least one month's notice. You will be able to email us at buspass@nationalexpress.com.