Route 13

Route 13 will be known by a new number

  Dudley to Walsall via Wednesbury Oak Road & Myvod

  • The 13 route between Dudley and Walsall will not change; this service will instead be known as the 11A, and will run alongside the 11 from Dudley to Walsall.
  • Services 11 & 11A will continue to run up to every 10 minutes between Dudley, Wednesbury and Walsall.
  • Please be aware that from 2nd September, the 128 will become the new 13 and run between Oldbury and Birmingham. This should not be confused with the current 13 service. 

Service Timetable:

Service 11 / 11A timetable - 2nd September 2018

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