Route 140

Route 140 will be replaced with a new, modified route

  Wolverhampton to Birmingham via Dudley & Blackheath

  • The new X8 will replace the 126 between Wolverhampton and Dudley and the 140 between Dudley and Birmingham.
  • To reduce journey times, not every bus stop will be served between Quinton and Birmingham. The stops that will be served are the same as those served by the X10.
  • Buses will run up to every 20 minutes, meaning there will be more buses for passengers between Dudley, Springfield, Blackheath and Birmingham.
  • Buses between Wolverhampton and Dudley will continue to run up to every 10 minutes in combination with the new X7.
  • Platinum buses will serve most X8 journeys, offering comfier seats, extra legroom, free wifi and USB charging points.

The good bits:

+ More buses between Dudley, Springfield, Blackheath and Birmingham.

+ More faster buses will run along Hagley Road. Combined with the X10, fast buses will run up to every 10 minutes between Quinton and Birmingham.

Travelling between Dudley and Birmingham?

If you’re travelling between Dudley & Birmingham, the fastest routes are the new X7 & X8, which are express services.

Dudley bus station:

  • X7 & X8 departs from stand D

Birmingham Colmore Row:

  • X7 departs from stand SH3
  • X8 departs from stand SH2

New Timetable:

New X7 / X8 timetable - 2nd September 2018

New Route Map

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