Routes 120 & 121

Routes 120 & 121 will be replaced with new, modified routes

 Dudley to Birmingham via City Road

 Dudley to Birmingham via Tower Road

  • The new 12 & 12A will replace the 120A between Oldbury and Birmingham, the 121 between Dudley and Oldbury, and the 120 between Dudley and Birmingham.
  • Between Oldbury and Birmingham, the 12 & 12A will run along the current 120 route.
  • Between Oldbury and Dudley, the 12 will run along City Road and the 12A along Darbys Hill Road and Tower Road.
  • Buses will run more often between Dudley, Oakham and Oldbury – up to every 10 minutes.
  • Buses will still run up to every 10 minutes between Oldbury, Langley and Birmingham.

The good bits:

+ We’ve improved the spacing and frequency of buses between Oldbury, Oakham and Dudley - now up to every 10 minutes.

+ More buses will serve Tower Road and Darbys Hill Road – now up to every 20 minutes.

+ New direct service to Birmingham for Darbys Hill Road and Tower Road.

+ Most journeys will now be run by double decker buses following customer feedback.

The sad bits:

- Passengers travelling to West Bromwich from the Oakham area will need to change to the following services in Oldbury - 3 / 3A / 4 / 4H & 4M.

New Timetable:

New 12 / 12A timetable - 2nd September 2018

New Route Map

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