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FAQs - Flexible tickets

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Flexifares flexible tickets. You may also find the Swift card help and FAQ’s or Subscription help and FAQ’s pages useful depending on your question.

Flexible tickets FAQs

How long are my flexible tickets valid for?

Flexifare tickets are available as 5 or 10 day ticket bundles or as a monthly subscription.

The tickets are valid for 90 days from purchase and any unused tickets on the monthly subscription will roll over to the following month.

Can I buy flexible tickets for a Swift card?

Yes, Flexifares are available to buy online or at a travelshop and then added to a Swift card. They are also available to buy direct to your phone on our mTicket app.

How do I use my Swift card for day tickets?

When you place the card on the scanner, it will activate a day ticket. You can use your card for the rest of the day on any of our buses and it will only deduct one day ticket for the rest of that day. Please ensure you scan your Swift card on every bus you board.

How can I check how many day tickets are on my Swift card?

You can see how many day tickets you have left on your card when you hold it on the scanner. As soon as the screen goes green it will show you how many day tickets are left on the card. You can also download the Swift app (for Apple and Android devices). When you hold the Swift card to the back of the device, it will show you how many day tickets are left on it.

If you have any other questions that aren't covered here please contact us.
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